Australians Can Now Pay for Bitcoin at the Post Office

Cryptocurrencies are considered as one of the safest financial entity in the world. With so many advancements and security features, digital currencies are becoming the novel financial medium.

Although the benefits of cryptocurrencies are significant, the adaptability to this technology is limited. It is owned by only 1% of the world’s population. The numbers are increasing every year since people have become aware of the technology.

To increase awareness and to make people technology-ready, developed countries are taking steps to implement crypto among their citizens. Many countries like Australia is a perfect example of this.

Every day a new crypto payment method evolves in the country and it becomes widespread among the people. Australian Bitcoin exchange provides online facility to acquire the digital coin. But to provide hassle-free and secure purchase of the BTC, the exchange is tying up with the post office.

Now Pay For Bitcoin At Australian Post Offices

Australian Bitcoin exchange has announced a partnership with Australian post. It means that Ozzy residents can now pay for Bitcoin in the post offices as well.

This announcement was made in May 2020 and the payment will be accessible to the citizens from June 2020. The exchange confirmed that this partnership will make residents aware of the technology. And it will also lead to familiarize individuals along with the businesses about the crypto payments.

This collaboration is a boon for the Australians because instead of going through the exchange, they can now buy Bitcoin at the nearby post office. BTC is available at 3500 such post offices where you can visit and get your Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin exchange in Australia was already providing BTC at 1500 retail stores in the country. This new collaboration will provide a plethora of BTC platforms for people living in various areas of the country.

Australian post was formed 200 years ago. Since then it has been the forefront of innovative services in the country. Further adding the BTC support to the Australian post can add more accessibility to the life of natives.

How Can You Buy Bitcoin?

You can buy Bitcoin at the official website of Australian Bitcoin exchange The website accepts orders between $5 to $50000. In exchange for your money, you can acquire Bitcoin or Ethereum.

After successfully purchasing the cryptocurrency at the website, the user will be issued a “wallet address”. This address is a part of the crypto transaction that can be used to transfer cryptocurrency in the pre-existing wallet.

After having a crypto wallet, verified ID, and account, you can visit any post office to get the cryptocurrency. Cash and EFTPOS are the accepted payment methods at post offices for Bitcoin purchasing.

You can also track the blockchain transaction through email confirmation. Ideally, the wallet will be shown in your wallet within a few minutes. The post office purchase of Bitcoin is also safer for first time buyers. It is way more secure than transferring funds online.

The Australian post office has also provided other trusted payment methods to the country. The crypto purchase services at retail outlets are materialized by Blueshyft payment network. The Post Billpay is also one of the successful payment solutions of the country.

The Bitcoin purchase is being provided with many additional features, for example, real-time payment confirmation and ID verification. Thus, it is becoming quite popular in Australia since its launch.

Get A Can Of Coca-Cola Through Bitcoin Payment

Apart from post office payments, Bitcoin can also be used to pay at Coca-Cola vending machines. A deal between Centrapay and Coca-Cola has made it possible. Coca-Cola has deployed 2000 vending machines that are Bitcoin-ready. These machines are only available in Australia and New Zealand as of now.

The soft drink customers can pay through “Sylo Smart Wallet” to get a can through the vending machines. The wallet can be used through a smartphone. If anyone wants to instantly pay through a QR code, then they can do so by a QR code payment sticker.